random writing

by adrian.dakota

I was in the middle of writing, when I just decided to stop and write something else instead.
This is what I turned out with.
It’s not something brilliant or anything. But it fits in sweetly with the rest of the plot.

Hilary took a deep breath, working up the courage to knock. Jesse’s body was slumped uncomfortably on her shoulder.
She lifted a hand up, and put it back down again. She couldn’t just walk in, not like that. That wasn’t going to work. It was… it was undignified.
She had just finished debating the topic and was about to push the bell when the door suddenly opened.
“Are you going to come in or not?” grumbled Theodore sleepily.
Hilary barged in. Remain smart. Remain composed. “I just got here. What are you talking about?”
Theodore just snorted. “You’d better put Jesse down. I don’t want your shoulder to get hurt.”
This was the first time – the first time – that Theodore had shown her any concern at all.
She let Jesse’s limp body slump onto the sofa. Theodore walked past her as she rolled her way into his kitchen, searching.
“Don’t drink any of the juices,” Theodore’s voice wafted. “They’re poisonous.”
Hilary closed the fridge door and poured herself a cup of cool, refreshing water instead.
Something bumped on the ceiling.
“What’s happening up there?” she asked, mildly interested. She waltzed back into Theodore’s living room.
“Anthony,” he replied, searching under the sofas. “I don’t know why he’s doing it, but he swears that he needs to redecorate the room. I let him for the sake of it.”
Hilary raised an eyebrow. “I didn’t realise you let Anthony come in your house, much less get his own room.”
“It’s out of necessity,” said Theodore. “Anthony hasn’t got anywhere else to go; nowhere where this thing won’t find him.” He gestured to Jesse’s still-unconscious body. His body disappeared behind a large chair as he knelt. “Why are you here, then?”
Hilary felt a surge of guilt. “Jesse fainted. He was attracting too much attention outside the terminal. I wanted to bring him straight back to base, but you were closer.”
“How on earth do you attract attention outside the transportation terminal at this time of day? It’s practically empty.”
She grimaced. “You kiss a human,” she said, a layer of iron entering her voice. “That should be enough, shouldn’t it?”
“A beautiful human like you, Hilary?” Theodore stood up again. Hilary felt a pang of anticipation.
Dang it. How could she have missed Theodore’s looks before?
He was coming closer… closer…
“A beautiful human like you… Hilary,” he repeated weakly.
His face filled all of Hilary’s vision.
There was a long moment of passion, of bliss… unforgettable. Hilary closed her eyes and started kissing back.
Theodore pulled away. “I’ll get Jesse downstairs,” he murmured.
Hilary felt her eyes widen as Theodore dragged Jesse down the stairs. She touched her lips, stunned.
“Theodore, wait!”