More Words of Friendship randomness

by adrian.dakota

Complete randomness I wrote for the sake of it. I really like the way it turned out, though. But it might still need a bit of rewriting before I can work it into the rest of the book.

I really love all my ideas for the Anthony – Jesse final fight scenes. They’re all so deep and dramatic.

Jesse+Anthony ending, part one

“So that’s it,” breathed Jesse.
He bounced across the tiled rooftops, heading for the city terminal.
Back towards where it all began.
Anthony’s magical trail ended in front of the main doors. Jesse landed silently and placed his ears against the cool glass.
No vibrations. That meant no movement then.
He pushed against the door, letting it swing open. The deserted terminal remained motionless.
A sheet of paper lay on the ground. He picked it up.

It’s great to know that you still care about me. But stop following. I’m going to have to hurt you if you do.

Jesse crumpled the message, letting it fall onto the ground. He swore.


Anthony’s feet pattered gracefully on the pavement, bringing him closer and closer towards his destination.
He turned down a familiar street, taking in the streetlamps, the perfectly trimmed gardens, and the rows of houses.
Oh, how I have missed you.
He arrived at the doorstep of his house. Fumbling, he retrieved the keys and unlocked the doors.
A dark silence greeted him.
Anthony stepped in and switched on the lights. He hung his coat on the hangar.
He strode into the living room, stopping when he saw the figure in the sofa.
“Anthony,” said Jesse simply. He gestured for him to sit.
Anthony remained standing. “Can’t you just leave me alone?”
Anthony tried pleading. “You know you can’t stop me. Please, Jesse, just back out of it. Don’t make it any harder that it already is.”
Jesse didn’t reply. He just stared into Anthony’s eyes.
Anthony didn’t want to give in. He had chosen his ambitions over Jesse long ago. “Jesse, please.”
Jesse’s mouth formed the last words moments before he fought. “Never.”
The blue magic was fast, but Anthony, having far superior intelligent, dispelled it with a blast of green sparks.
Jesse let out more blasts, this time shooting long, dangerous spikes from his palms. They sped relentlessly towards Anthony’s still body.
A barrier of shimmering green magic erupted around Anthony’s body, deflecting the needles to either side.
“That’s the best you can do?” he said, disappointed.
The blue pillar flew out, pushing easily through the barrier as though it were air. Anthony reiterated, using his own magic to resist the force.
“Don’t forget I’m an Earth,” he yelled. He let the magic free, the green bursting through every inch of his body.
They swarmed up into the air, then condensed into a ball of fire and dropped towards Jesse’s body.
He was too late. Anthony saw the fatal magic puncture through Jesse’s body and into his heart.
He severed the flow, racing over to his fallen friend.
Jesse coughed. “I can’t believe… you would… actually… Anthony…” he said weakly.
“I warned you,” Anthony said. “I kept telling you to stop.” He tried to keep his voice even, but regret tore through his words.
“Guess I won’t be around… be around you stop you anymore, eh, Anthony?”
“You idiot,” cursed Anthony, holding his friend’s body tightly. He could still feel the dogged pulse, but he knew that the magic had already done its job. Jesse has about a minute left, maybe two, before his heart shuts down completely.
“Hilary,” Jesse said faintly. “Tell Hilary… I wish her a good life. Theodore… can change… Hilary… can’t give up.”
Anthony’s throat constricted, preventing him from making any promises he knows he can’t keep.
“Promise me…” Jesse whispered finally. “Promise me… that you won’t… erase everything… don’t give up… your old life.”
Anthony didn’t. He continued to grasp at Jesse’s wrist, counting the seconds till the pulse ends completely.
Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen…
Twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty.
Jesse stopped moving. His chest let out his last breath.
Anthony let a tear drip onto Jesse’s shirt. He stood up, looking away… looking away from everything.
He swallowed. His eyes were hard when he finally stood up.
Someone opened the door, running into the living room.
Hilary stood, stunned, her eyes dashing from Jesse to Anthony and back.
“He wanted me to tell you that you shouldn’t give up on Theodore,” Anthony whispered. He looked at the devastation in the room; the fallen books, the overturned sofas. “He wished you a good life.”
Hilary remained silent for a long moment. When she opened her mouth to speak, her voice was iron hard and trembling.
“I’ll bury him,” she said. “Then I’m coming after you.”
It wouldn’t be to stop him. There wasn’t any more point. No. She was going to come to avenge Jesse’s death.
Anthony walked past her, shutting the front door behind him.
Shutting the door on his past life.

Part Two