tiny excerpt from Words of Friendship

by adrian.dakota

So this is the second book I’m been keeping so secret over the past few weeks; I decided, that after peppering everyone with information on it and its existence, to release a tiny bit of Words of Friendship.

The woman tossed her hair back. “The name is Bond, James Bond.” She took Jesse’s hand and dragged him away from the vault-like room.
“Seriously?” Jesse was reluctant to go, but he held her hand tightly.
“Oh. What is it then?”
The woman sighed as she opened a hidden door. “It’s Jasmine. Now head down the stairs and look for an arrogant man, and ask him if his name is Narcissus.” She pushed him into the staircase beyond.
“But wait-” Jesse started, by he was cut off by the door slamming in his face.
Disgruntled, he began to race down the steps.