Words of Friendship randomness, part two

by adrian.dakota

I decided to write a second section because I thought the first was a bit short 😀

Anthony could feel Jesse observing him.
“Go away,” he groaned.
“Do you really want me to do that, Anthony?”
He opened his eyes, looking at Jesse’s sitting figure. He was wearing the exact same clothes that he had when he died; stainless, smooth, and creaseless.
“Why can’t you just go and haunt someone else?” Anthony moaned.
Jesse’s brown eyes met the black. “I could, but would you let me?”
“Yes,” Anthony replied without hesitation.
Jesse paused. “I don’t think so,” he said. “You know that I’m just a figment of your imagination; you’re not letting go yourself.”
Anthony just closed his eyes again, trying to convince himself that Jesse wasn’t there.
Which he wasn’t.
“So tell me, are you ready to erase all the records yet? Destroying the entire city while we’re at it?”
“Shut up!” Anthony yelled, throwing a blank punch towards Jesse. The apparition vanished.
Anthony tried to calm his racing heart, but it wouldn’t obey him. Defeated, he walked over to the dimming campfire and chewed the rest of the bread.
“I knew you weren’t going to do it.” Jesse’s voice simply appeared, and sure enough, he was standing right behind him.
Without warning, Anthony let out a blast of green magic.
To his surprise, they hit their target, leaving visible bruises on Jesse’s body.
“Hey!” cried Jesse in disbelief. “First you kill me, then you start punching me, and now you finally burn me with magic? What the hell is wrong with you?”
Anthony stared. This couldn’t be happening; his imagination was far more realistic than he had expected.
Jesse sat down next to Anthony, still rubbing the red bruises that had appeared.
Anthony sniffed the air, hoping that he wouldn’t be able to smell anything extraordinary.
Jesse’s unforgettable scent lingered in the air.
“Jesse?” he asked, uncertain.
Jesse leaned forward, the velvet brown eyes searching for the black.
“Yes, Anthony?” he whispered quietly.
The breeze whistled through the trees.
Anthony threw his arms around Jesse, nearly choking him with his tight embrace. The tears streamed down his face.
“I’m sorry!” he said weakly.
“I know,” stated Jesse simply.
They broke apart, each staring at the other.
Anthony was the first to speak. “I’m guessing Jasmine did her magic?”
Jesse shook his head. “Narcissus,” he informed. “His magic was extraordinary. I hadn’t actually died when he got there, so he managed to kick-start my heart.”
There was a long, still silence.
“Are you still going to do it?” asked Jesse.
Anthony looked away. “Yes,” he said.
It took him a second to realize Jesse was still looking at him. “I’m not going to stop, Jesse. I have to.”
Jesse stood up. “I’ll be waiting for you there, then.”
Anthony dusted his knees, stifling the sadness in his heart. “You’re not going to fight me here?” His voice was even and emotionless.
Jesse shook his head. “There’s no point. I’ll see you, Anthony.”
He was gone before Anthony could reply.
“Yeah,” he whispered under his breath. “I’ll be in your dreams by then, Jesse. See you in heaven.”