More from WoFS

by adrian.dakota

This is the second time I’ve released a bit from Words of Friendship. This is a bit I extremely like and the entire intensity of it makes me shiver. And laugh.

I don’t think there’s going to be a fourth. But definitely a third.


“I swear,” Jesse announced, “that the world has just gone insane.”
It had been eight days. Eight days since they were rudely forgotten when Nomis disappeared. Eight days since the fairy civilisation nearly collapsed.
Anthony nodded, obviously not listening to Jesse’s continued rants about everything.
To be honest, it’s not exactly as if the last few days had been wasted. Anthony, at least, had benefited through observation of the fairies’ culture, their acts, their unique personalities, their ways of living.
He doubted Jesse even knew where he was.
“Jesse,” interrupted Anthony. “Do you want to go find Nomis?”
Jesse stopped halfway through a speech on the insanity of the universe and wheeled to look at the sitting Anthony.
“What did you say?” His voice was confused and surprised, almost as if he thought he misheard.
“Do you want to go find Nomis?” repeated Anthony, annoyed.
Jesse nodded extremely slowly, watching Anthony with wide, fearful eyes.
Jesse’s bulky, athletic frame had thinned over the past few days, almost making him a shadow of his past. His appearance had certainly not been helped by the various distressing moments over the past week, and the fact that his world, however imperfect, had been torn apart.
Anthony was in a much better condition. He took the words of their fairy supervisor into his heart, and began familiarising himself with their new surroundings. It didn’t take too long to find out how to do everyday matters, from buying groceries to the way not to flush a toilet.
Everything is different here, he realised. I could start a new life.
And that was what Anthony had always wanted.