Awesomeness. In every way.

by adrian.dakota

Random, awesomeness. Pure awesomeness.

More hilatheo! Enjoy.


“Theodore?” tested Hilary uncertainly.
There was a lot of scuffling behind the door. She knocked again.
“Hello?” she questioned.
The lock slid and Theodore’s face peeped through the crack.
“Yes, Hilary, can I help you with something?”
“Can I come in?” Hilary asked uncomfortably. “I feel exposed standing on your doorstep.”
“Yeah, sure,” Theodore replied, glancing up and down the street.
He stood back to let Hilary in, brushing against her as he went to close the door.
She was supposed to have objected; she didn’t like anyone coming into contact with her. But somehow Theodore just managed to stop her automatic response; her skin tingled where they had touched. She wanted him… but the emotions dispelled faster than they had come.
“Could I get you anything?” Theodore strode towards the kitchen, his voice light and cheerful.
“Water would be helpful, thanks,” said Hilary, gracefully falling onto the soft sofa. She caught Theodore staring at her.
“What?” she demanded automatically.
“Oh – nothing,” he said feebly.
There were some splashing sounds as Theodore poured out the water. “Is there anything new from headquarters?” he inquired, sounding interested.
Hilary could hear the unforgettable iron in his voice. She never figured out why he hated the PXU, but he did. Yet he never quit his job, or slack off; she was utterly confused by his actions, and had given up in trying to understand them long ago.
Now, however, she revived those questions, wondering why Theodore would care.
“Nothing much,” she said. “A few sloppy cases, all of them on protecting high-profile individuals – nothing involving death or destruction has come up. I think the fairy population’s decided it needs to take a break from war and fighting after that episode with Tikea and Lucifer.”
“War never takes a break,” said Theodore dismissively. “We wouldn’t have a PXU if it did.”
Hilary nodded, accepting the cup from Theodore. He had poured himself a steaming cup of tea, and she watched the vapour swirl as she sipped the water. “That’s true,” she admitted.
Theodore drained his cup, putting it down on the table. “What brings you here?”
Hilary shrugged. “I was just passing by. I thought I might drop in and say hello.”
“Really, Hilary? Is that all?” said Theodore knowingly.
Darn it. Of course it wasn’t all. After the Event, visiting Theodore wasn’t just to keep their friendship running. He knew that. Of course he would know it; he had been participating in the Event. Not even participating. Starting. Driving. It was insane.
Theodore leaned back, relaxed.
“All right, that isn’t,” said Hilary, admitting defeat.
“So what’s the rest of it?” said Theodore, relaxing into the chair.
“The rest of it,” stated Hilary, sliding over to Theodore’s side, “is you.”


It was a long time later when either of them got their breath back long enough to speak.
“So what is it that you’re going to be doing tomorrow?” asked Theodore, his voice short and out of breath.
“I don’t know,” said Hilary. “I’ll work that out tomorrow.”
It was already night; Hilary had watched it grown steadily dark through the curtains in Theodore’s bedroom; she guessed, by the time that had passed, that it would be sometime around eleven in the evening.
Theodore sighed, drawing the bedcovers closer. And along with it, Hilary.
“So what? You’re not planning to spend the night here, are you?”
Something had affected Hilary’s mind. She wasn’t thinking rationally, but she still managed to puzzle the final word together.
“Yes,” she breathed.
Then she fell asleep in Theodore’s arms.


It was early morning when Hilary woke up.
She moaned for a second, before realising what had happened last night.
Oh gods. Last night.
Scurrying, she managed to put all her clothes on again before Theodore woke up.
“Where’re you going in that rush?” he mumbled.
Hilary should have been too busy to care, but somehow she found time to answer him.
“I just realised I need to go somewhere,” she said, holding her sock in her teeth.
Theodore just simply looked back.
Hilary felt this unrepeatable anger, this sudden desire for violence as she looked at Theodore’s sleeping body. How could he not care? After… after everything’s that’s happened?
She walked out several minutes later, Theodore’s bedroom demolished. Later, she would regret it, come back, pick up the pieces and reluctantly call in a medic to patch him up again.
In the meantime, he could just wait.