WoFS last sneak preview

by adrian.dakota

Probably the last time that I’m going to get around to releasing tiny bits from Words of Friendship. This doesn’t contribute anything to the plot (not this one, at any rate [shifty eyes]) so I decided it can’t hurt putting this up…


“I have to ask, Fox… but remember, back in the lounge; before Alex came in… you said I reminded you of someone. Who is that?”
That question had been burning in him ever since he awoke; who did he resemble?
Fox laughed. “It’s someone I met long ago; I’d would have forgotten him if it wasn’t for you. He was an elf that didn’t really have much time for anything; he always loved chicken and tomato sandwiches, however. It was just such a tragic ending…”
“What happened to him?”
“He died. In the service. He was protecting a government official and was killed in an assassination attempt. I never got to see him again.”
Jesse felt a tear form in his eye. “I’m sorry… do you remember this person’s name?”
Fox looked relaxed and calm as he stretched. “Jerome,” he whispered.