Words of Friendship free, part three

by adrian.dakota

 Part One/Part Two

“So is he gone?” Theodore’s voice was simple and clear.
“Yes, Theodore,” replied Anthony, drying his hair with a towel.
Theodore sighed and sat down at the sofa. Anthony accompanied him, rubbing his hands against the soft towel.
Theodore’s private quarters were quite outstanding. A few cupboards lined the far walls, and, according to Theodore, also hid secret passageways for his enjoyment and protection.
A large window occupied the end of the room, affording him a complete view of the city and the beautiful nature beyond. The rest of the room was decorated with tables, chairs, cabinets and a large sofa.
Theodore’s liking of white was quietly reflected. Here, most of the furniture pieces were black and white, enticing a tight contrast that made Anthony’s eyes spin when he tried to concentrate on them.
“That was quick,” Theodore murmurs, his head leaning on Anthony’s shoulder.
“I had a few contacts,” Anthony replied, sipping the cup of water in his hand. “It wasn’t that hard to give a call and get him out.”
Theodore nudged closer to Anthony. “I see.”
Anthony nodded and closed his eyes.


Anthony sipped the hot coffee, admiring the view presented through the wide glass window. He stroked Theodore’s hair.
Theodore’s head lay on his lap, his eyes closed, his breathing slow and regular.
Anthony put the cup back on its saucer as Theodore stirred.
“Mmm?” mumbled Theodore, his eyes half closed.
Anthony twirled a lock of Theodore’s brown hair around his finger. Which one should he go for? Where would Jesse be now? Was he right to do this?
He was startled when Theodore sat up, but his anxiety was calmed by the feeling of Theodore’s hands in his.
“Everything will be alright,” Theodore whispers, his cheek incredibly close to Anthony’s ear.
Anthony paused. He rested his head on Theodore’s shoulder.
“I hope so,” he replies, his voice soft and warm.


“Where do you think he is now?”
Anthony’s voice vibrated on the white wooden table. Theodore paused for a moment before replying.
“Knowing him, they’d probably have brought him to a safe house by now.”
“Who’s safe house? Narcissus and Jasmine won’t trust the PXU anymore, not after you had people shoot them from inside their headquarters.” Anthony stood up and made for the toilet.
“Maybe the FAD’s?” Theodore’s voice was slow and careful.
Anthony pondered this for a second. He washed his hands in the sink, thinking.
“I don’t think they would go to the FAD’s. Nomis always said that PXU and FAD heated each other.”
“Mhm. Maybe you’re right. Why do you care?”
Anthony left the toilet and faced Theodore. “He was my best friend, you know.”
“Of course I know.” Theodore beckoned to Anthony.
Anthony sat beside him, still worried. “I’m just scared of what might happen to him, you know.”
Theodore drew him closer with an arm, the grip comforting. “What might happen to him? According to you, and I quote, you left him with ‘some of the best PXU agents we’ve ever met’.”
Anthony sighed. “They’re the only PXU agents we ever met. They came to take us to our present house last week.”
“You know, I never met Narcissus and Jasmine before,” Theodore remembered thoughtfully. “Maybe I should drop them a visit.”
“Don’t,” argued Jesse flatly. “They’re loyal towards Leo, even if they won’t admit it.”
“Leo, that annoying technical genius?”
Theodore wrapped his arms around Anthony’s waist.