Words of Friendship free, part two

by adrian.dakota

“Theodore?” asked Anthony as he emerged into the waiting room again, looking around. He wiped his hands on the towel.
Anthony smiled gently when he saw Theodore sleeping in the chair, facing away from him.
“Gods, you’ve fallen asleep already? I couldn’t have been in toilet for longer than, what, five minutes?” Anthony glanced towards the clock hanging on the wall, confirming what he suspected.
Theodore stirred when Anthony wrapped his arms around him.
“Mmm?” mumbled Theodore, reaching up with his arm.
Anthony leaned forward, his face coming behind Theodore’s ear. “I love you, Theodore.”
“I love you too, Anthony,” Theodore whispered quietly.
Anthony watched Theodore as his face turned, the perfect image lined with worry. He saw the lips approaching his face.
Something slapped his arm.
Everything went black.


Drip. Drip. Drip.
Anthony could hear the annoying repetitive noise by his ear. Concentrating, he counted the number of droplets as time passed.
Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten.
Only after he asserted that he was alone, he cracked open his eyelids.
The white room greeted him back into existence.
Anthony sat up, wincing as the sudden movement tore at his muscles.
The dripping noise was being caused by a medical drip on the stand next to him. The needle was directly inserted to his arm, feeding him a series of liquids. A quick inspection on Anthony’s part informed him that the liquid was no more than a saline solution, generally used to feed nutrients into the body.
He hadn’t been moved. He was still in the same waiting room, with the same sofas, same walls, same chairs, same cabinets, and same lights on the ceiling. Anthony wondered why Theodore would keep him here, especially since it made absolutely no sense to do so.
Anthony wasn’t worried much about what Theodore would do to him. There wasn’t much anyone could want, especially not with a human.
A human. What would a fairy want to do with a human?
Anthony decided to take a break from all this thought and stood up. He walked unsteadily towards the metal chair, one hand holding the metal rod for support.
He sank down into the seat, waiting for Theodore to arrive.
What an absolute waste of time.
Anthony fell asleep on the seat, dreaming.
Theodore’s voice interrupted Anthony’s hopes and adventures.
“Hello, Anthony,” he murmured. Something bit Anthony’s ear.
“Theodore,” Anthony muttered, half-dreaming.
“Had a good sleep?”
“Mmm. Where have you been?”
“With what?”
“A lot of things.”
Anthony opened his eyes and looked at Theodore. “What kind of things?”
“Complicated things.” Theodore pulled away, avoiding Anthony’s curious stare.
Anthony persisted, refusing to be deterred. “Theodore, what kind of things?” His voice was still calm and warm, but shook with frustration and anger.
Theodore sighed. “Do you really want to know?”
Anthony licked his lips. Theodore’s voice was now serious and firm, as though Anthony was treading into dangerous ground that Theodore would rather he not be in.
“Yes. I do.”
Theodore sighed again, and faced Anthony. He looked him straight in the eye.
“I am responsible for the death of Nomis Wade.”
It took Anthony a moment to process the information. He leaned back in the chair, unable to concentrate, a wave of emotions rushing over him.
How could he… no, impossible, Theodore must be lying. Oh gods.
“You’re joking.” Anthony said it without conviction, as though trying to dispel the fact presented to him.
“No, I’m not, Anthony.” Theodore walked over to the terrified Anthony and wrapped his arms around him.
The comforting hug calmed Anthony’s racing heart, and his breathing returned to normal. They remained like that for several minutes, until Anthony spoke again.
“Why, Theodore?”
Theodore shifted slightly. “Do you really need to know?”
Anthony thought about it for a moment. Then he said the inevitable words.
“No, I don’t.”
Anthony rubbed the back of his neck, where a large bruise had formed.
“Sorry about hitting you, by the way,” apologised Theodore, “but you got in the way when we were removing Jesse from here.”
Anthony remained silent, pondering his decisions. He could race from here right now, head for a FAD station, and put Theodore in prison. He would probably make it and justice would be served.
Or he could just join him. Turn a blind eye on things. Help him here and there.
In the end, it was the second decision that seemed most inviting.


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