Words of Friendship free

by adrian.dakota

The first part of all free stuff that I’m putting up as a treat. Enjoy!

Chapter Two
“I do not permit it.” Theodore’s voice was absolute, almost commanding.
“The time when you’re permitting things, Theodore, is well over. Now move out of the way.”
There were a lot of thumping noises. Anthony tried to stir, but found his arms too heavy to move.
He thought he could hear a hiss.
“Oh, Theodore, why do you always make things so difficult?” Alex’s voice was broken, softer, more warm and comforting. Anthony kept his eyes tightly shut.
Theodore’s voice was barely more than a whisper. “You know why, Alex. Go on.”
“Theodore, Theodore, Theodore.” Alex was repeating the name as though it were a spell, the apparent hopelessness of her situation leaking through her voice.
Anthony decided that feinting unconsciousness was too much for him and stood up.
“Whoa… I always assumed that ninja skills were limited to PXU,” exclaimed Alex, shocked at his apparent lack of post-unconscious symptoms.
“Are you all right?” asked Theodore, concerned. He raised a hand to feel Anthony’s forehead. Normally, Anthony would have refused it, but he was too dazed, and Theodore’s movements too swift, for him to respond.
Anthony bent his head down and locked Theodore’s lips in a sudden, inspired kiss.
Theodore’s arms grew lack. Behind him, Anthony could see Alex’s eyes widen, but couldn’t bring himself to care.
They broke apart.
Theodore’s eyes were open, searching Anthony’s as he tried to find some reason, some understanding ithose ghostly black eyes.


“So tell me why you did that again?”
Anthony sighed. He sat down on the plastic chair, exhausted, confused. “I just felt like it, okay? Everything seemed to be happening, and my emotions got a little bit jumbled up. Now can you please shut up?”
Jesse leaned against the wall and scratched his head. “I don’t get you,” he announced. “First you panic when you see Nomis’ body, then Theodore turns up and you kiss him? So basically Theodore, Alex and I are now deciding the social standards of cross species homosexual relationships? I feel old.”
Anthony leaned back. They had moved from Nomis’ house to the FAD’s main headquarters, and now he and Jesse remained in a soundproof room, given some time to recompose themselves. The white room was imposing, but somehow relaxed Anthony’s twitchy nerves.
“Yeah. Okay. Whatever.” His own voice betrayed his irritation.
Jesse dismissed it with a wave of his hand. “I seriously don’t get you. I’ve been with you longer than anyone else, and I can’t make sense of what you just did. Who are you?”
Anthony ignored the question and closed his eyes, wishing this to be over.
There are secrets never to be revealed.


Secrets. They exist in every corner of the universe, tainting the otherwise pure civilisations with its foul breath. Some good, some bad, but every single one makes people mad as they stride to discover what they are.
Anthony knew that Nomis was keeping something big hidden away. Not that he actually wanted to know, but it’s difficult to ignore events that rub themselves in your face. Anthony accidently accessed Nomis’ private files when the elf wasn’t watching.
Not that he knew the language it was written in. It wasn’t human, at any rate. Nor, as he learnt the fairy languages, especially Elvish, was it any new language that he had learnt.
Probably some new language that Leo invented. That annoying technical genius.
Anthony walked over to the corner of the room and poured himself a cup of water. He savoured the taste of the clean, clear liquid as it ran down his throat.
Jesse lay on the sofa at the other end of the room, sleeping. Anthony watched him for a little while, observing the slow movement of his chest as he breathed quietly.
The door opened. Anthony’s eyes flashed with anticipation.
Theodore entered, wringing his hands as his perfect, pristine eyes dashed from Anthony to Jesse and back.
“You didn’t?” he asked weakly, gesturing towards the resting Jesse.
Anthony shook his head. Theodore’s shoulders relaxed.
“Oh,” he stated quietly. “I thought you might’ve… you know…”
Anthony stared at him.
“And then… so yeah… what?” Theodore whimpered under Anthony’s intense glare.
“You look different,” Anthony stated simply. It was warranted too. Theodore’s normally flowing brown hair was a mess behind his back. His eyes were wide, fearful, and the rest of his body didn’t look much better either. His clothes lost their original, pristine shine, and were now dull and gently ripped.
All in all, he looked a bit insane.
Anthony liked him that way.
“Do I? I’m… I’m…” Theodore desperately searched for a word as Anthony advanced, dropping the glass cur onto the floor. “I’m… um, a bit stressed. A bit stressed.”
Anthony took another step. Then another. Slowly, carefully, almost taunting the frozen Theodore as the distance between them narrowed.
“Don’t come near me… you… Anthony… don’t make me do this… Anthony!” Theodore’s voice broke as Anthony’s pace quickened.
Theodore backpedalled into the door as Anthony approached him. Anthony could see the confusion in his eyes, the desperation leaking through his body. He liked it.
Anthony reached out with his arm and caught Theodore’s elbow.

Part Two