First Naruto Fanfic ever.

by adrian.dakota

I swear that I should so not be doing this. But I ended up writing this anyway, and I love the way it turned out.

I don’t know if this is just going to end here, or if it might contiune… should be either way.

I’ve been reading Naruto over the past 6 days, which is why I didn’t post anything for ages.. and then I wrote this.

Next manga: Death Note.

Itachi’s fingers were cold… cold, numb, and unfeeling as they bumped into Sasuke’s forehead.
He saw Itachi’s mouth form words, words that he would take with him to his grave.
Horrified, Sasuke watched as Itachi fell… fell… fell.


He woke up with a start.
Something told Sasuke that the environment wasn’t quite right. It was the same cave he had been sleeping in, but… but…
There it was. Unforgettable.
It didn’t take Sasuke any time at all to activate the Sharingan, but then again, there wasn’t any time to spare.
Orange flashes clash with a sudden, piercing prick in his neck. He spins, but the drug takes effect and he drop to the ground, desperately clinging onto the last threads of consciousness.
“There you are,” said a triumphant voice. Again, unforgettable.
He catches a fleeting glimpse of the smiling, whiskered face before darkness engulfs him.
Damn you, Naruto.


The first thing that Sasuke sees isn’t Naruto. It’s a patch of swirling pink hair and bright perfume.
“So it’s you, Sakura,” he manages to mumble.
Sakura doesn’t respond, or perhaps it’s just his ears that aren’t working. She doesn’t stop checking his pulse, however. If that’s what she’s doing.
Sasuke doesn’t even need to move to know that they’ve tied him up. The ropes under his arms feel familiar to him, the coarse bit that prevents him from moving.
“Naruto missed you,” she says finally.
So that means the drug – whatever it was they gave him – wasn’t blocking his ears, then. He could smell her from this short distance; her long, flowing hair was actually tickling his nose. He wanted to sneeze, but he didn’t have much control over his muscles… he felt lightheaded, waterlogged, and wondered what the hell they had given him.
“Where is he?”
Sakura sniffed. She whispers, and Sasuke has to strain to hear her.
“He’s a bit… busy. He’s been preoccupied ever since you left.”
Sasuke doesn’t reply. He’d learned to keep his mouth shut, and instead concentrated. His Sharingan doesn’t take much chakra, so it should be easier to do it, even with the drug… except that it doesn’t come up.
Sakura doesn’t look at him either. She’s learnt something there, then, in the last three years since he had left Team 7. She stands up, looking grave, and smiles.
Sasuke notes that she’s grown. Back at Orochimaru’s, he was too concentrated on Naruto to care about her. But now… but now, she’s developed, matured, and seems to have gained power.
He opens his mouth to speak, but movement behind Sakura distracts him.
Naruto barges in, the orange tracksuit still burning, the blond hair still messed up. In the three years Sasuke hadn’t seen him, he hasn’t changed much, but his face is more lined, more aged.
“What is it you want?” demanded Sakura, her hands now on her hips.
Sasuke slid down the cave wall, wincing as the rock tore at his bare skin. Neither Sakura nor Naruto noticed, their eyes shooting sparks as each stared into the other.
“I thought Kakashi-sensei had banned you from seeing him?” continued Sakura.
“You’ve grown a hip,” says Sasuke softly.
“I’ve always had one,” said Sakura, now turning to look daggers at Sasuke. “I was just afraid of you leaving to get around to using it.”
“Sakura –” starts Naruto, but at that moment, she bends down and finds the point on Sasuke’s neck.
He falls asleep, but managed to catch Sakura’s last words – “I’ll deal with this, Sasuke-kun,” – and smiles.


Sasuke wakes up alone. Or at least, he thinks he does.
It’s the same cave he was captured in. The dimming light from the entrance tells him that night was approaching. He twists his arms, trying to search for the weak points of his bindings, and is not surprised to find that there are none.
“Please don’t,” said a less familiar voice.
Sasuke lets his head turn, his eyes immediately falling on black eyes, soft hair, and a pale smile. Sai.
“Naruto-kun would be extremely angry with me if you hurt yourself,” he said. “And he would be even more with me if I hurt you. But if you try to escape, I might not have a choice.”
“Hmph,” says Sasuke, doubtful. He felt like taunting Sai, but he couldn’t… not here, not now.
Again, he was saved from having to think up some intelligent comeback with Naruto’s unannounced entrance.
“Kakashi-sensei said to not leave you alone with Sasuke,” said Sai, not looking up from his art book.
Naruto’s orange clothing billowed with a fierce wind as he pouted. “What do you mean?” he snarled.
Sasuke smiled. In all these years, Naruto might have grown taller, but his personality hadn’t changed. He was still as childish… as stupid… as ignorant as ever.
Yet, Sasuke thinks, he was still able to capture me.
Naruto looks more powerful now, and Sasuke could sense charka building up. If they’re not careful, a fight is going to be inevitable. Normally, Sasuke would have welcomed one, but now, helpless between the two of them, he would have preferred it if they didn’t leave him to be hit in the crossfire.
“That’s enough!” barks Kakashi from the entrance. Sasuke opens his eyes a crack to see the dimming light peek around his broad shoulders. “Sai, leave now.”
Sai keeps smiling gently as he packs his art equipment away, passing Kakashi silently.
“Naruto, watch over Sasuke-kun,” Kakashi says softly. “We’re going to leave soon.”
There was a pause, then some footsteps. Sasuke could feel Naruto coming closer, but he remained impassively still.
“I’ve missed you,” he said. Sasuke didn’t know which was worse, the fact that Naruto was saying it or the tone that Naruto said it in.
The blond leaned closer, and Sasuke could actually breathe his familiar scent. “I’ve missed you a lot,” he repeats quietly.
Sasuke just remains silent, knowing that Naruto was purposely taunting him. The bastard never knew when the hell to shut up.
Naruto sighed, reeling back. “At least we got you,” he said, looking satisfied as he observed Sasuke’s still stance. “We managed to get you and you’re not abandoning us again. Ever.”
“So what now?”
“Now we bring you back to Konoha,” explained Naruto. “Tsuande is probably going to want to kill you or something, but I can convince her otherwise.”
“What makes you say that I’m going to want to go back?” tests Sasuke coldly.
Naruto laughs, but it’s an empty laugh born of years of frustration and mourning. “Where else are you going to go, eh, Sasuke?”
“You know nothing of me,” said Sasuke icily. “Don’t talk about me as though you know what path I’m going to take. You should have known that back at the Valley of the End.”
“That doesn’t put me off,” said Naruto, his voice low and rasping. “I know that Sasuke’s still in there somewhere. Orochimaru didn’t know you as well as I do.”
This was starting to annoy Sasuke. He tries to turn away from Naruto’s face, but his plans are thwarted by the ropes and he ends up with his right cheek pressed painfully against a sharp crevice in the rock.
He felt Naruto’s fingers dance lightly over his exposed skin.
“That tickles,” he complained.
Naruto didn’t respond, but withdrew the offending arm and looked slyly at Sasuke. “I could do whatever I want to you know,” he whispered. “But should I?”
Sasuke turned his face back to give Naruto his most incriminating stare. “If you dare –” he began, but was stopped by Naruto’s hand cupping over his mouth.
“Shush,” he said. “Let’s just be happy for a little while, shall we?”
Sasuke would have bit Naruto with his teeth, but it was Sakura that ended everything.
“Kakashi-sensei says that you’d had more than enough time with Sasuke now,” she said. “So get out and help collect wood for a fire.”
“But –”


“Go away,” moaned Sasuke in frustration.
Itachi just comes closer, and to his surprise, Sasuke realises that his Sharingan isn’t activated.
“How could I?” asked Itachi quietly, and his voice is soft, lulling, just the way Sasuke remembered it before… before the massacre.
“Stop cropping up in my dreams,” snaps Sasuke.
“It’s not my fault that I’m stuck in your subconscious,” Itachi countered.
Sasuke doesn’t say anything. How could he? Slowly, he focuses on their surroundings, trying to ignore his older brother standing in front of him.
“There’s something I need to tell you,” said Itachi matter-of-factly.
“It’s about Uzumaki Naruto, isn’t it?” asked Sasuke, still looking at the forming landscape around them. The hill slowly revolved into focus, a long, endless plain of green, and the distant horizon was dotted with several black splotches.
“Yes and no. He’s in danger.”
“What do you mean?” Sasuke’s eyes snap back to looking into his brother’s Sharingan-less eyes.
“Think about it. He’s a host, isn’t he?” questioned Itachi, flopping down onto the grass.
“Yeah, so what?”
“Well, don’t you think that Madara is going after him?”
“Why would he?”
Itachi turns his look onto Sasuke, who was now sitting down by Itachi’s side. “Don’t you know that he’s going after the Kyuubi?”
“So what?”
“So what? Do you really think he’s going to leave the host alive after that?”
Sasuke didn’t say anything. He didn’t need to.
“On the subject of Madara,” he said finally, trying to bring the subject as far from Naruto as possible, “he told me about what you did.”
“That bastard,” cursed Itachi. “Well, at least you know now.”
“I’m going to Konoha,” Sasuke told Itachi. “And I’m going to wipe it off the face of the earth.”
Itachi just sighed. “And there’s nothing I can do about that, is there?”
Itachi’s eyes just wondered towards the sky. “I wonder…” he breathed.
Sasuke was shocked when Itachi pulled him closer. And closer.
He let out a hopeless sigh.


“Oi, wake up.”
Sasuke tried to rub his eyes, but his hands were still tightly bound. He was confused for a second, then realised that the bonds had changed.
Naruto’s face is alarmingly close, but Sasuke doesn’t care. The drug was wearing off, and surprisingly enough, they hadn’t bothered giving him more.
“Eat,” said Naruto simply, shoving the food under Sasuke’s mouth.
Sasuke just snarled. “With what, moron? In case you haven’t noticed, my arms are tied up.”
There was a dull silence.
“Open up,” said Naruto finally, a tone of defeat entering his voice.
“Wha – Ouch!” yelled Sasuke, the spoon banging painfully into one of his teeth. He spat it out and swallowed the rice. “What the hell is wrong with you?”
Sasuke hadn’t even realised that his leg had lashed out, but Naruto now lay sprawled on the floor. “Trying to feed you, dumbass,” Naruto managed, and seconds later he’s back on his feet, strutting around aimlessly.
“We leave for Konoha today,” explained Naruto. “I thought you should know that first.”
If his arms were free, Sasuke would have folded them and given Naruto the ‘I-don’t-care-about-you’ look. For now, however, he settled with the face and simply slouched further down the cave wall.
The chakra was burning now, and Sasuke itched to use the Chidori. But no. Not yet. Kakashi was probably outside, and there was always that slimmest chance that he might be able to beat him. Wait until Naruto’s finished with his speech.
“Sakura didn’t want me to tell you this, but…”
“What?” snapped Sasuke.
“She says that she might come in later and send you to sleep. It’ll make it easier to get you to Konoha.”
Now. The Chidori flares to life, burning through the ropes as though it was paper. Sasuke jumps to his feet, relishing in the shock on Naruto’s face, and smiled as he lashed forward, pinning Naruto to the stone wall by his throat.
“Let’s get something straight,” he said. “You’re not going to be able to beat me, not with you and your pathetic ideas of yours.”
Naruto just murmured something, and then suddenly, two firm hands grasped Sasuke’s shoulders, pulling him away. Clones. With a quick motion, Sasuke dispatched both of them, the orange copies disappearing in a puff of smoke.
Sasuke turned back to the original Naruto, clutching his chest and bent over.
“I said,” spat Sasuke, lifting Naruto easily by the tracksuit, “you still can’t beat me.”
Even without the Sharingan, Naruto’s movements were slow and easy to spot. Sasuke catches his flying arm almost lazily, disappointed.
“I thought you might be able to do something better than that,” taunted Sasuke.
“Oh, I can,” Naruto managed to say, and with a fluid motion, dozens of other clones appeared. Three of them attacked Sasuke at once, and he was temporarily preoccupied with dispatching them.
He hadn’t even realised that his Sharingan had activated, but the red infiltrated and starting spinning in his eyes. He knew that Naruto and he were completely unmatched; he had the Sharingan after all – Naruto had nothing but a big mouth and too much chakra at his disposal.
“Rasengan!” roared Naruto, and the blue, sparkling orb of chakra appeared above his palm. Sasuke knew what was about to happen, but for some reason, didn’t bother to stop it. He was tired of running. He was tired of running away from Naruto.
So this is how it was going to end. Naruto killing him. Somehow, Sasuke felt at peace knowing that fact. He waited for the blackness.
It didn’t come.
Sasuke opened his eyes to find Naruto standing there, panting heavily.
“What is it?” asked Sasuke testily. “Can’t kill me, can you?”
Naruto didn’t say anything.
Sasuke took a gentle step forwards. Then another. Then another.
In a flash, he covered the remaining distance between him and Naruto, pushing the blond further into the wall.
Naruto’s face was incredibly close now, and Sasuke could literally feel the breath on his nose. He dropped his arms down by Naruto’s side and lifted them above their heads, anchoring them to the cave wall.
Naruto’s breathing was slightly faster now, and fear radiated from within his very body. Sasuke leaned forward, their faces touching, their lives intertwined.
He set his mouth against Naruto’s in a grinding, unforgettable kiss.


“So you did do it,” said Itachi.
Sasuke looked down at his brother, eyebrows raised. “What do you mean?”
“You and Naruto,” said Itachi happily. “You bonded with him, didn’t you? Well, that means that I can leave now. I’d fulfilled my duty as a brother.”
“Wait – what?” asked Sasuke, snuggling closer to Itachi’s chest. It was so goddamn surreal, this entire dream, but yet… yet he didn’t want to wake up.
“I’m leaving,” said Itachi apologetically. “Since Naruto-kun can take care of you now. And you can take care of him.”
Sasuke just stayed there, arms in a loose embrace, as Itachi smiled for one last time, and faded in a thousand tiny little sparks.
Goodbye, Uchiha Itachi.

The Continuation I said Might Not Be Coming