The bit I said might not be coming (Naruto Fanfic)

by adrian.dakota

I know I said something about there not being a continuation, but there is, so deal with it.

This is more like the bit I didn’t write rather than something that’s going to develop further.

Part One

Exhausted, Sasuke and Naruto flopped down on the cold rock, feeling the unforgiving material underneath them. It was late afternoon; the last few hours with Naruto had passed in a blur of sharp odours, mixed emotions, and steadily disappearing lights.
“Where’s everyone?” asked Sasuke breathlessly.
Naruto’s bright blue eyes took a while to find Sasuke’s, but when they did, Naruto blinked slowly. “Out,” he said, leaning forwards again.
Sasuke smacked Naruto’s face away, although only gently. “What do you mean?”
Naruto looked slightly offended, but he rolled away from Sasuke. “Sai’s probably asleep right now; Sakura-chan and Kakashi-sensei are off in the woods preparing some potion to transport you under, I think.”
“But it’s been hours,” protested Sasuke. “It shouldn’t take those two hours to come back.”
“Why do you care?” Even as Naruto said the words, Sasuke could see him coming closer again, and shoved him.
“Ouch!” yelped Naruto, rubbing the spot where the Chidori had burned him.
“I warned you about coming closer,” said Sasuke dangerously.
Naruto continued to rub at his arm, casting anxious looks towards the entrance of the cave.
“What is it?” asked Sasuke, following Naruto’s gaze.
“It’s just that… I feel… never mind.”
There were distant footsteps down the cave entrance. Panicking, Naruto and Sasuke scrambled around as they pulled on their clothes, still breathing deeply as Sakura walked in, looking as dignified as she could with the branches and leaves trapped in her otherwise pink hair.
“Kakashi-sensei says – how the hell did you get out?” Sasuke saw her tense up in response to a fight.
Naruto stepped in between Sakura and Sasuke. Sasuke would have killed him with his gaze right there and then, but Naruto was only looking at the Sakura, his face hidden from Sasuke.
“Wait, Sakura – Sasuke, he…”
“Shut up,” snarled Sasuke.
Naruto spun around, the fearful, hurt eyes wet. “Why not? You promised not to go after Konoha; Sasuke, you said that you didn’t care anymore!”
Sasuke absentmindedly fingered the fan branded into the back of his cape. “I still do care, Naruto.”
Sakura looked satisfied, her arms half raised in preparation to fight. “I told you, Naruto. What were you doing with him?”
“What were you doing, huh?” countered Sasuke, gesturing towards her messed up hair.
Sakura didn’t respond, but Naruto held her down as she prepared to strike. “Stop, Sakura,” Sasuke heard Naruto murmur. Sasuke didn’t wait to hear Sakura’s response – he didn’t bother to listen to whatever Naruto had to say; he struck, the Chidori flaring up in dangerous succession.
“Wha-” started Naruto, jumping backwards as he tried to avoid the attack.
Sasuke lunged, but it was Sakura’s punch that nearly made him fall unconscious. He changed tactics, this time aiming for Sakura, but his plan was nearly thwarted when Sakura punched again, sending him flying through the air and crashing into the far cave walls.
“Sasuke, stop!” yelled Naruto, who threw himself onto Sasuke to prevent him from launching further attacks. Immediately, Sasuke let the Mangekyō flare up. It would have taken a lot out of him, and he didn’t have much chakra left, but then again, Naruto didn’t need much.
Naruto flinches, and Sasuke knows what he’s seeing – Sakura standing there, Sasuke behind him, a kunai passing through his chest – and he falls, the most graceful motion that Sasuke’s ever seen him make, a gentle, freefall motions, and he managed to catch the orange Naruto before he hits the ground.
“Sorry, Naruto,” he whispered, trying to hold back the tears. He couldn’t collapse; not here, not now, not in front of Sakura, for heaven’s sake, who was about to kill him. Or incapacitate him. Or possibly even both.
But Sakura just stands there, stunned, and soon Sasuke knows why.
Suigetsu slid back, letting Sakura fall onto the ground. Sasuke shot him a warning look, but he just shrugged.
“There you are, Sasuke,” he said. “We thought they might have killed you and be done with it.”
“Their orders weren’t to kill me,” Sasuke replied coldly. “Only to bring me back to Konoha.”
Karin came in next, her red hair billowing behind her. “Let’s go, Sasuke-kun.”
“No,” said Sasuke firmly. He had been thinking about this for quite a long time now; he wasn’t leaving with his team, even if his team hadn’t been killed yet. “I’m not leaving.”
“What are you saying, Sasuke –” began Karin, but she was cut off but Sasuke.
“You guys go first. I’ll catch up with you later.”
Suigetsu looked uncertain. “Are you sure about this, Sasuke?”
Sasuke gave him a cold look that told Suigetsu to shut up and listen to his commands. Suigetsu did both rather reluctantly.
With a few pattering steps, the remaining members of Sasuke’s team vanished out of the cave. Sasuke sighed and knelt down by Naruto’s side.
“Naruto, Naruto,” he murmured, deciding. He put his hand on Naruto’s limp body and felt for a pulse. There it was, throbbing under Sasuke’s tight fingers. The only thing that Sasuke couldn’t seem to understand was how Naruto was so full of life, so happy, so optimistic all the time… it puzzled him to no end, almost driving him mad.
Sighing, Sasuke swung Naruto’s arm over his own shoulder and carried him out of the cave.
Outside, he realised what his team had done. Kakashi and Sai lay by the entrance, knocked cold, lying awkwardly. For a brief moment, Sasuke wanted to rearrange their bodies into a more comfortable position, but when Naruto slid further he decided he wouldn’t have time. Trampling, he made his way into the thick trees as the setting sun shone out its last, smiling rays.