The End.

by adrian.dakota

I know this finished a bit prematurely, but I can’t sustain Lawrence’s for any longer as I have Script Frenzy, I have Clement’s, I have Words and I have other stuff to do.

If I can, I’ll get back to Lawrence’s. But for now, this is the end of the entire free series. Sorry about that, everyone!

14260 words! I’m proud of myself.

Part Ten

“What is it?” asked Lawrence, hurriedly pulling on his sock. He wrung his neck from side to side, where it still hurt from its excursions earlier.
“It’s this,” said Ethan excitedly. He pushed the pile of papers in Lawrence’s hands, and he looked down at the illegible printouts, trying to make sense of the machine-readable information.
“This…” began Lawrence, unbelieving. “This can’t be,” he breathed.
“But it is,” exclaimed Ethan, a look of glee spreading across his face. Behind Lawrence, Evan stirred, still suffering from last night’s blur of events. “There’s no other explanation for it!”
“What happened?” asked Evan sleepily. Lawrence passed him the papers without a single word, waiting for the reaction.
He saw Evan’s eyes bulge, the panic stream through his face, the alertness returning. “No way,” said Evan exhaustedly.
Lawrence sighed and stood up, flattening out the creases in his shirt. “I’m going to check up on Austin and Jerome now,” he said. “You guys had better get up to Control immediately. We have a crisis on our hands.”
He was almost out of the room before he remembered.
“Where’s Ryan?”
Evan coughed before answering. “He’s down in the holding cells. One of the high-security ones. You know what I mean.”
Lawrence left, not saying a word. He knew what Evan meant.


“Hello, Austin? Jerome?” asked Lawrence, knocking on the door. His hand searched for the light switch and turned it on, lighting the resting room with a bright, warm bulb.
“Hey, wake up.” He shook Jerome’s shoulders, the soft blanket slipping onto the floor. Jerome coughed and opened his eyes. Lawrence swung himself around the sofa and continued to Austin, where he repeated the same procedure.
“What is it?” asked Jerome, rubbing his eyes.
“It’s something big,” said Lawrence. “So wake up, do whatever it is you do when you wake up, and I’ll be waiting for you outside. Now!”
Lawrence stomped off without another word, trying to keep his pulse steady. Austin and Jerome had to be removed. The question was: how?
He waited for a few more seconds before deciding that it was the best option – no, the only option. Lawrence bent down and twisted the small knob with his hand, locking the door. He kept his palm cupped there, waiting.
Bang. Someone – either Jerome or Austin, Lawrence couldn’t tell which – had rotated the handle, trying to open the door. Immediately, Lawrence breathed into his palm, spinning the air around and directing it into a small, almost invisible hole in the door. This was a mere passageway that lead air through; however, when it reached high pressure differentials and strong, although tiny, winds passed through it, a tiny vial of poisonous gas would be released into the airstream.
The poison would have filled the entire resting room by now. Lawrence pressed his ear against the wood, listening for the dull thumps that would mean both Jerome and Austin had been neutralised.
They both came, one after another.
Lawrence raced away, trying to keep the tears from dropping out of his eyes.


“Did you do it?” was the first question that Ethan asked when Lawrence turned up at Control.
One, piercing, cold look was enough to silence him. Lawrence knew why. He wasn’t normally this sensitive, this depressed… he took his normal seat at the raised stand.
“Check emergency,” he demanded, unfolding the keyboard and slamming the headset onto his ear.
“Loss of all normal electrical devices,” said Evan heavily. “Most of our computers are running on emergency, and I’m losing servers every second. One just blew again.”
Lawrence looked down and the display screen and realised the true danger of this situation. “I’m going down to check,” he yelled, jumping back to his feet again.
It wasn’t until he was down at the basement did he realise what a stupid decision that was.
“I didn’t expect you to come down here, Lawrence,” said Ryan coldly.
“I forgot that you might have been doing it.”
Lawrence turned around slowly, even though he knew what he was about to see. There he was. Ryan, standing as imposed as ever, holding a gun in his hands.
He gave up on the swords then.
“I expected as much,” said Ryan softly. “Still same old Lawrence, I see.”
Lawrence didn’t say anything. He wasn’t going to rise to Ryan’s gloating.
“Goodbye, Lawrence.”
Lawrence knew what was going to happen; Ryan was going to pull the trigger, the bullet was going to be fired, he was going to fall…
It did happen.
As he fell, Lawrence recollected everything that had happened and what he knew was going to happen. Evan and Ethan would be executed to prevent informational loss; his team would disband, Ryan would prevail, the Organisation would collapse… but somehow he didn’t care anymore.
He couldn’t care with all the blood pouring from his forehead.

Part Twelve