by adrian.dakota

Me: More of the Alpha series, book, whatever you want to call it.
Leo: Make up your mind!
Me: Shut up!
Austin: -takes Leo’s hand and drags him away-
Me: That’s better.
Austin: -reappears- No, it’s not better.
Me: Shut up. -pushes Austin after Leo-
Leo: – reappears- The most irritable author has decided to give warnings. Warning: character death, blood, violence. So far.
Me: Get out! Now!
Leo: What’s with the title, anyway? Bloodlust…

Me: OUT!



March 27, 2011. Present Time.
Leo looked from between Austin and the gun.
What to choose… what to choose?
“Hurry, Leo. I don’t have much time.”
Leo looked at the attacker swiftly. “What am I supposed to choose?”
The gun swivelled from facing him to the stunned Austin. “Choose, now.”
There was a gunshot. Austin screamed as the blood gushed out from his leg. It pained Leo to have to look at it, but he bit his lip and returned the attacker’s cold stare.
“No, Edward.”
Edward clucked his tongue. “I’m surprised you can watch your best friend being hurt, you know. Or even your lover.”
“He’s not my lover anymore.”
“Oh, very good. Perhaps another dose of pain might make you change your mind?”
Leo screamed as the bullet hit his other leg. He whimpered, the blood now trailing from both of his knees.
“Hmm… you have a high resistance, you know.”
Leo mentally blocked out the pain, and his hearing reluctantly returned. He could hear Austin’s moans of pain, and knew they had mere minutes before their bodies gave out. This was it; this was his final chance.
“I know.”
March 27, 2111. Future Time.
Leo looked from the Stunner to Austin and back.
“Hurry, Leo. I need to teleport you.”
“You seem to think that I’m coming with you.”
The Stunner whirred as it warmed up. Leo could see the liquid coolant travelling along its bulky length, and knew instinctively that it wasn’t set to stun. It was set to kill.
“You would really sacrifice Austin? Your lover?”
Leo looked at Austin, who was standing in the holding cell, to the Stunner, uncertain. Which one? He couldn’t choose at all. Which one? Which? Which…?
The attacker turned the Stunner to face Austin. “Choose, now.”
“No,” said Leo firmly. He had made up him mind. He couldn’t change it… could he?
“No, Edward.”
Edward charged up the Stunner with a quick movement. Leo closed his eyes. “Wrong answer. Give me the right one in three seconds or he dies.”
Somehow, Leo could feel Austin’s eyes widening in fear. His jumpsuit shivered as he froze in position, held by the trapping light.
No. Leo couldn’t let Edward destroy the world – because that’s what he was after, wasn’t it?
Was it?
“I submit.”
Leo opened his eyes to see Edward cackling. It was a scary sight.
March 27, 2011. Present Time.
“Wrong answer.”
Austin’s final scream was unforgettable. Leo longed to kneel down by his friend’s side, but he knew that it wouldn’t be permitted. He could only watch with horror as his lover fell, the blood gushing from his forehead, and knew that it was fatal.
“Congratulations, Leo,” said Edward, stowing away the gun, “you’ve managed to pay for your reluctance to help us with your lover’s life. You are now free to go.”
Edward vanished down the corridor. Leo raced over to Austin’s side, holding the failing body desperately.
“I’m sorry, Austin.”
Through his last breaths, Austin actually managed a few words. “Don’t… be…” he said weakly, red tricking from those stained lips. “I… I shouldn’t have… rejected you… that… quickly.”
“I shouldn’t have tried to be with you in the first place.”
“Still… goodbye, Leo… lover.”
Tears streamed down Leo’s cheeks, mirroring the red on Austin’s face. He felt Austin’s last, shuddering breath, and the body went limp. The young boy rolled on the floor, his eyes blank, the floor pooled with blood.
Leo lifted his hands and surveyed the evidence of destruction on his fingers.
I’m sorry, Austin.
March 27, 2111. Future Time.
“That’s good, then. That’s very good.”
Leo’s voice took on a tone of defeat. He couldn’t do this anymore. He wasn’t going to give up Austin. “Will you please let him go?”
Edward seemed to think about it for a little while. “Maybe. Depends on how good your behaviour is.”
Leo hung his head.
“Now come.”
He could feel the holding cell being deactivated. The pale light flicked off, and he collapsed onto the ground, exhausted. Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see Austin’s fearful look, but he didn’t have any energy to get up. The silver tracksuit glinted in the light of the holding cells, a technology that Leo still didn’t understand.
“Get up.”
Leo tried to support himself, but his arms faltered. He felt the familiar presence of the Stunner’s barrel on his back.
“Well, since you can’t do it,” said Edward, “I’m going to have to help you.”
Leo yelled with pain as the stun blast spread across his torso. He writhed around, the pain receding just as quickly as it had come, and looked up at Edward with wet eyes.
It hurt. It wasn’t like normal pain. Normal pain was a stab, then a throb. This was a stab prolonged. There wasn’t a dull throb – pain by the Stunner was just pure tension. It hurt like hell, and Leo couldn’t stand it. There wasn’t anything worth fighting. There wasn’t anything to believe in.
Except Austin.
He blinked, holding his eyelids shut for a brief second. When he opened them again, he saw Edward through a blanket of hazy determination. Edward wasn’t getting away with this.
He stood up.
“Well,” sneered Edward, “that wasn’t too hard, was it?”
The next thing Edward did was let out a cry of shock and pain as his spine collided with the concrete wall.
Leo looked from Edward to Austin. He strolled over to the long bank of switches and turned off the holding cells. Austin dropped to the ground.
“Come on, let’s go.”
Austin looked from Leo to Edward. “I didn’t… I didn’t realise you were so powerful.”
“I’m not,” said Leo shortly. He held out his hand.
Austin took it reluctantly and Leo dragged him towards the exit.
“You won’t be able to leave.”
Leo didn’t even bother to look back. He pulled on Austin’s arm.
“I don’t think so.”
Leo: -whispers- I think he’s done.
Austin: Really? Hey, you, the most irritable author, are you done?
Me: Lalalalalala… you should be really glad you guys don’t do it, you know? Because I would then need to put on a mature content filter.
Leo and Austin: O_O
Me: Yeah. So be grateful.
Leo: But… do we… do we?
Me: Maybe. -sings-
Austin: Right, that’s it. -knocks me out-
Leo: Get him out. Right now.