Naruto Ending #2

by adrian.dakota

Because I’m scared that Kishimoto is going to write a different ending than the one I have in mind, I’ve posted my version of how Naruto should end here to comfort myself.

Disclaimer: None of the characters are owned by me. Unfortunately. Naruto, and all characters thereof, belong and remain the copyright of Masashi Kishimoto.

Warnings: Narusasu, and that’s about it. Tsunade is pretty cool in here, but she doesn’t really do anything. Unbeta’d, and I didn’t even go over it to correct tense or anything. Please excuse that.


Please, Come Home

Sasuke turns around slowly, uncertain of what he wants. Because he already knows what Naruto wants, but he didn’t want to associate himself with that brat.
“What, Naruto?”
“Where are you going?”
Naruto’s orange outline stands firmly against the subdued greens of the dense forest. Sakura and Kakashi were no longer there – they must have fallen back further off, fallen back to take care of Madara’s subordinates. Sasuke and Naruto were alone.
Sasuke’s answer came easily, dripping through his mouth as though it was nothing. But he knew it wasn’t. He knew why Naruto had come after him. He knew what Naruto was about to do.
“To where?” asks Naruto softly. He takes a small step forwards, narrowing the distance between them. His sandals crunch the dried leaves underneath their feet as he approaches.
“I don’t know.”
Sasuke felt helpless, not knowing what he wanted. He knew where his heart lay, and he knew what his heart desired… yet the logical side of him was pulling back, making sure. He couldn’t turn back, not after abandoning Konoha to chase after Itachi. He couldn’t.
“What about home, Sasuke? Aren’t you coming back?”
Sasuke could feel his composure slipping as Naruto took another step forwards. “Ho-home?”
Naruto stops, his face inches away from Sasuke. “Home, Sasuke-kun. Konoha. You remember, don’t you?” he asks softly.
“I can’t go back, Naruto. You know I can’t.”
“Don’t you want to?”
Sasuke turns away to hide his face from Naruto, thinking. Did he want to?
“Don’t you want to do missions together again, as Team 7? Don’t you remember the times we spent together, as a team, with Sakura? Don’t those memories mean anything to you?”
“I… I…”
Sasuke couldn’t say anything, but then he felt a firm pressure embrace him around his stomach. His heart swooped as he realised that Naruto was hugging him.
“Come back, Sasuke. We need you. I need you.”
Sasuke’s resolve softened as Naruto pressed his head into Sasuke’s shoulder.
“Naruto… I’m missing-nin now. You know that I can’t go back to the village. I’d be killed.”
“I don’t care. And you won’t be killed. I can persuade Tsunade-baa-chan to go easy on you. You’re the last of the Uchiha clan,” says Naruto fiercely, still hugging Sasuke tightly. “If she wants the Sharingan, she won’t kill you. And – and, if she wants to keep me…” Naruto’s voice faltered and dropped to a whisper, “she wouldn’t sacrifice me to kill you.”
Sasuke remained silent as he digested the meaning behind Naruto’s words.
“You would… you would die, to keep me alive?”
Something hot ran down Sasuke’s back, and he realised that they were tears. “I… I promised Sakura-chan,” chokes Naruto. “And I… I won’t go back on my word. That’s Naruto’s Way of Ninja.”
Sasuke struggled free and turns around to face Naruto again.
“I’m sorry, Naruto.”
Naruto wipes his eyes dry and looks up at Sasuke with a hard look. “Please, Sasuke… don’t leave, not again. I’ve missed you.”
“I can’t go back.”
Sasuke walks past Naruto and, with a distance between them, prepares to fly.
“You’re going to abandon your past again, Sasuke-kun?”
“Yes. Goodbye, Naruto.”
“Sasuke…” says Naruto softly, “what do you want?”
Sasuke hesitates for a while, then lowers his arms and answers Naruto’s question.
“I want to go home.”
A sharp intake of breath behind him tells Sasuke that Naruto was not expecting that answer.
“I want to go back to Konoha, and I want to do missions as Team 7 again, and I want to go and share popsicles together, and laugh together, and eat together… I want to go home.”
Sasuke sighs and faces Naruto. “Naruto… I want to be with you.”
Sobs begin to sound from Naruto as he backpedalled into Sasuke’s arms.
“Sasuke… please… come back. Come back to me.”
“Please, Sasuke-kun. Please.”
Sasuke felt a tear rolling down his cheek. Naruto had won.
“All right then.”


“So… Uchiha Sasuke, you came back.”
Tsuande’s crisp voice broke through the dense silence. Sasuke squared his shoulders and looked up at the Fifth, female Hokage.
“Yes, I came back.”
Tsunade tapped the table as she pondered something – probably his sentence, Sasuke thought. “What can I do with you, Sasuke? I can’t kill you, much as I want to, because Naruto threatened to suicide if I executed you… the first time I’ve seen that hyperactive brat so determined about something.”
Sasuke nearly smiled, but his emotions faltered when Kakashi squeezed his shoulder firmly.
“What’s my sentence?” he blurts out, unable to keep that provocative question in him anymore.
“Eager, are we? Hm…” said Tsunade thoughtfully. She straightened up, and Sasuke knew she was about to pronounce sentence.
“Uchiha Sasuke. I now pronounce your sentence. You are to immediately have a guardian, who shall accompany you at all times, unless you are on a mission or require the bathroom.” Tsunade smirked. “Furthermore, you are returned to your old rank and are eligible to join the Chuunin Exams. Your guardian shall be… Uzumaki Naruto. Is that clear?”
Sasuke choked at the mention of Naruto’s name. “You mean… I have to live with him?”
“For how long?”
Tsunade’s smirk widened. “For as long as the Hokage deems it necessary. Now, you are dismissed.”
Sasuke turns on his heel and stomps out of the Hokage’s office.


Ding dong. Ding dong.
Sasuke repeatedly attacked the doorbell, waiting for Naruto to respond. Ignoring Kakashi who was still standing next to him, he kicked Naruto’s front door, and, finally, managed to hear a response.
Naruto’s voice was enough to irritate Sasuke already, and he dreaded what would happen when he explained everything to Naruto.
The door opened a tiny crack.
“Sasuke-kun? Why are you here? Why – ah… Kakashi-sensei…”
“Dude, it’s freezing outside. Move.”
Sasuke barged past Naruto and walked into Naruto’s living quarters, again, coolly ignoring the squawk of protest from the latter.
“Why are you here?” demanded Naruto. “Aren’t you supposed to be suffering from whatever Tsunade-baa-chan made you suffer?”
Sasuke gives Naruto a cool, uncaring look. “She sentenced me to live with you. So deal with it.”
Naruto’s open-jawed look of shock was something Sasuke was not going to forget for a long time.
“It’s true, Naruto,” says Kakashi, walking in. “The Hokage gave orders. Now, if you will excuse me, I have some things to catch up on.”
Kakashi was gone before Naruto could do more than splutter in disbelief.
“Ugh,” says Sasuke, smelling his robes, “I’m going to need to shower. I don’t want to smell like you in here.”
Naruto was still standing there when Sasuke walked straight past him and into the showers, keen on avoiding the sixteen-year old. In truth, he didn’t mind this punishment at all. It wasn’t even punishment. It was probably the best thing that Tsunade could have done.
Sasuke stripped quickly and steps into the shower, still thinking. Even if Tsunade hadn’t sentenced him, he would probably be with Naruto for the rest of his life anyway. Naruto would always be there, and the annoying brat would bounce around, chat, and insist on eating ramen and everything else. But Sasuke liked that. He liked Naruto being around, and hell, life wasn’t right without Naruto chattering away at his ear.
The hot water spray was refreshing; washing away all the dirt Sasuke had accumulated over the past few weeks. Still, something unnerved Sasuke, and it took him a long while to release what was wrong.
Naruto’s voice broke through the steady pattering of water, and Sasuke realised that he was also in the bathroom. Biting back a couple of swears, Sasuke asks, “What, Naruto?”
“Are you… are you okay?”
The mist was covering most of Sasuke’s body, which meant that Naruto couldn’t see anything… so, he was, Sasuke supposed. “Yeah, I’m fine, usuratonkachi.”
“Sasuke…” says Naruto, his voice low and lulling. Sasuke freezes in the shower, scared, and moments later, Naruto appears from behind the curtain.
“You – perve-”
Sasuke’s next words drowned in his throat as Naruto pressed him against the cold wall.
“Thanks, Sasuke. Thanks for coming back.”
And with that, Sasuke remained still as Naruto kissed him once, then again, and again, and again…
“I love you, Sasuke.”
The shower continued to rain, and Naruto’s clothes began to become drenched.
“I love you, Naruto.”