Kill me now

by adrian.dakota


This is another short story. Hey, I need to get some ideas out!

Oh, when I call it LJ exclusive, I mean, I haven't got a copy on my comp (yes, all the previous stories are copied at some point), and if you think about it, this is a major significance, partly because it means it had never been read over, and probably never will be.

On another note, because I'm aware of the fact that people who read my writing may, and I stress, only may, want to write more on it, I've decided to license my characters and plot lines of some stories for that purpose. It will be obvious which of these are released; the terms of the license will be clearly written somewhere.

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Kill me now

"I'm afraid, it really is your turn to die."

Chains rattled on the ground as the dying figure shifted.

"Is that… is that it?" he rasped, his voice low from lack of use and parched from the lack of water. "After… after years, you're just going to abandon me?"

Water dripped onto the cold stone floor of the cellar as the two males remained there, one of them standing over the frail body sprawled on the ground.
"I… I can understand when… when you're bound to not release me… but… do you have to kill me now?"
The other figure knelt down. "You already know, Sebastian. I'm bound by the magic to obey my superior's orders. I've tried, again and again, to resist them, but I can only bend my interpretation of the orders, and not the orders themselves. I have been instructed in no confusing terms to kill you, slowly and as painfully as possible."
 "Jeremy… please. Don't do this," pleaded Sebastian. He moved his bound wrists slightly, causing another rattle of metal as the chains slid on the mouldy stone.
"It's no longer Jeremy. Caden… Caden is my name now."
"They changed your name, too?"
"Elimination of personality," said Caden heavily. "A new name helps to lose the sense of self, and eventually, you become nothing more than just a dog of the military. They command you. They order you. That's your entire life, and it's what mines has become."
"Can you… can you not shake off your chains with magic, too?"
"My magic shall never exceed the ropes that bind me. I'm trapped, Sebastian. The least I could do is help you to get to the next life."
Sebastian coughed, a sign that he was rapidly running out of life force. Down here, any sickness was death. It was a wonder the teenager – now turning into an adult – had survived that long.
"For ten years, Jeremy… Caden… I've survived down here for ten years. Now you're about to end it."
"Much as I hate that fact, yes."
Sebastian shuffled forwards, pulling himself on his arms. He should have used his feet, but his ankles were chained to the wall, preventing any movement. It was a mark of their age-old friendship that Caden did not move away.
"Just tell me… do you still remember the past? When we were together?"
"Then why have you barely visited?"
"I've been busy."
Caden's throat constricted. But it didn't matter. The magic would release this information, because Sebastian was dead anyway. And it would be healthier to get all this information out.
"Yes, Sebastian."
There was hardly any light in the cellar, but somehow, just somehow, Caden could see Sebastian's eyes closing. Whether in relief, contentment, or disgust, Caden would never know.
"I… I thought so. Do it. Now. Please."
"You've just been ordered to kill me slowly and painfully. Not when to start. Do it."
Caden closed his eyes. He knew the worst ways of killing people, and he was going to do it. On his best friend. Or ex-best friend, it didn't matter. He never had a friend since ten years ago.
"Please, Jeremy. Just kill me now."
Tears streamed down Caden's cheeks as he pressed the switch which would send his long-unseen best friend into to another world.