If you want…

by adrian.dakota

This is not important at all to the Nine Series, and thus doesn’t have any links to the previous parts.

Okay, I was lazy. Whatever.

Terrance leaned backwards as Leo licked the side of his neck, feeling a combination of fear and pleasure at the contact.
“You feeling okay?” asked Leo. Terrance nodded, not wanting Leo to stop, but not feeling that this was particularly right either.
Then Leo actually bit down at the side of his neck and flashes of white shone across Terrance’s vision.
“Ah… ah… Leo, why are you even doing this?”
“Because,” said Leo, pausing to suck at Terrance’s skin, “I want to. And I normally get what I want.”
Through those words and in the quick flashes of calmness between Leo flicking his neck, he heard the neediness in his voice and realised how, even though he managed to bring an entire military to the most successful occupation in all of history, he was still a teenager with hormones running wild and desired some attention. Attention that Terrance was now going to give him.
“And, Terrance,” added Leo softly, “you do taste so good.”
Terrance didn’t know if he was supposed to be pleased or be disappointed at that statement.
He felt a warm hand slowly slide underneath the fabric of his shirt and slide across his left shoulder. Terrance moaned softly, and Leo chuckled as he started to shift his hand further down before extracting it to undo Terrance’s buttons.
“You know,” said Terrance, “If you were going to rape me, you didn’t need to watch me put it on.”
He shuffled slightly to move into a slightly better position, his hands chained to the wall above by handcuffs and his feet by… something that he didn’t want to remember. The metal clinked as he shifted.
“Yes, I didn’t need to, but I wanted to see your body anyway.”
“That’s really reassuring,” said Terrance, his mind completely blank now. “That was completely humiliating.”
The uniform was nearly completely off now, and Terrance cried out when something soft and wet touched his bare chest, licking it clean completely.
“Uh… Leo? Do me a favour, stop teasing, and get to it.”
“If you absolutely want me to.”