What I haven’t said

by adrian.dakota

There’s so much I should have said.

There’s so little that I actually have.

It might strike you as something unreal; a joke, a prank, whatever; but I really want you to realise. I want you to know.

Nobody else should even need to know. But some do, and you might have started to realise it.

I should have told you from the very beginning. But I had to wait to make sure I was right about myself.

I had to know everything I could before taking another step forwards.

And now, I think I’m ready.

The thing is, I don’t know if you are.

I can only hope for the best.

I don’t want everyone to know. I don’t want to even imagine the scandal.

So if you see me start dragging you somewhere, I suggest you do not be afraid.

Because I’m about so say it, whatever your response might be.

Written by Adrian Dakota, 26 May 2011. If it’s not now, it’ll probably be never.