You were right, then.

by adrian.dakota

I’ll just say she was right.

Saying it does make everything a lot better.

Now you know. Now I know.

Two other people already knew.

And one found out along with you.

And the difference it makes it outstanding. Everything is changing around me. I can literally feel the world shifting as my perceptions change.

The only thing that hasn’t moved in my life is you.

I know you know it’s true. No one lied. No one made up any fake evidence. What would be the point? I’ve been saying stuff like this for weeks; do you really think I’m joking? Do you? Do you?

And why would I do that?


I’m glad you finally know.

I’m just sorry that this feeling won’t be mutual.

The hopes I used to have are now gone.

I’m just still glad I get to be with you.

And I promise that I won’t hurt you.

Not ever again.

I’m sorry it had to be this way.

I’m sorry.