by adrian.dakota

I lied about ending Lawrence’s. I had time in school today, and it went something like – oh, look, time, let’s write, what to write, oh, i know, Lawrence’s!

So yeah. That’s how it went. And I wrote this. It’s pretty good. I’ve always wanted Lawrence to change and show his dark personality. He’d been too nice. Time for some evilness.

There’s some blood and an implied character death in this bit, but nothing really too disgusting or anything. Rated T+.


Part Eleven

Beep beep. Beep beep. Beep.

The familiar noise of the defibrillator sounded in Lawrence’s ears.

“Heart’s failing. He’s lost too much blood.”

“We can’t let him die, Evan! This isn’t some civilian that we have to abandon to keep our cover – this is Lawrence! Isn’t there anything else you can do?”

Evan and Ethan’s voices wavered in and out of Lawrence’s ears, the subtle differences in their speech patterns still being recognised in his brain. He knew, without hesitation, that he was about to die.

And somehow, knowing that Ryan was dying with him, made him feel all the better.

“I’m sorry, Lawrence. Goodbye.”

Ethan’s choked voice continued to echo in his ears.


“That. Is. Not. Possible.”

Lawrence coughed, looking at the dried blood splayed across his fingers. “It is. It was just you guys who abandoned me. I had to actually act on myself to survive. Seriously? Couldn’t you check for vital signs or anything? My heart was certainly working when you declared me dead, you know.”

He leaned back into the now too old pillows. Their entire medical department, or more accurately medical wing, as Ethan insisted on calling it, was running low on supplies ever since Lawrence came back. Probably because he kept getting attacked once every other day.

“No, seriously. You were nearly completely dead. There was nothing we could do. By all medical science, you should be dead.”

Ethan looked at Lawrence with a mixture of professional curiosity, disbelief, and admiration.

“I don’t know,” said Lawrence, staring at his fingers interestedly. “I think it’s just important I’m alive; let’s just leave this matter to rest, shall we?”

Even as he said the words in the perfectly calm tone, the bubble of guilt burned inside him. He knew why it worked. He knew what had happened. But everything just made a difference.

Certainly, the fact he actually knew about it, even thought he wasn’t supposed to, burned him even more.

“Very well, Lawrence. But do realise we already know.”

Lawrence’s entire internal system failed completely. It was really his fault, not checking up on Ryan’s equipment before he went down. Not that it mattered. Ryan had escaped.

But if, if they knew, then…

“You can’t.”

Lawrence spat out the two words in a harsh, forced whisper. They couldn’t know. His team couldn’t know.

“I’m sorry, but we already do. Evan searched up on you after Ryan. He was worried. I…”

Lawrence braced himself for the inevitable impact. This couldn’t be. He had hidden everything. How…? How was this possible? How could they have traced those murders back to him? How? How?

“I’m really shocked about your parents’ death, Lawrence. I’m sorry.”

Lawrence sighed internally. Ethan didn’t know. Thank god.

He let a tear of relief drop out of his eye.

“I’m really sorry, Lawrence.”

But something about Ethan’s voice and his firm, hidden expression let Lawrence know. Ethan’s weakness. He could never hide anything about his friends. Maybe the missions, but not his friends.

“Goodbye,” said Ethan finally.

The gunshot had not finished echoing in the air before Lawrence watched Ethan’s body slump forwards and his shirt stain a bright red.

“I’m sorry, Ethan. But you were too close to finding out.”