by adrian.dakota

This is a deleted scene from a novel I’m currently working on. Other than that, I’m not going to say anything else. Just thought you might enjoy the extra bit I slapped on at the end for my own amusement.

Rated 13+ for mentions of explicit material.

Silvester closed the front door quietly, trying not to make any noise. He didn’t want to see anyone. To talk to anyone. He treaded across the wooden floorboards, wiping away the final droplets from his face. Akeno’s voice rang out in the narrow corridor, but he didn’t seem to be anywhere in sight.
“Forest Watch out. Thanks a lot.”
Ichiro had betrayed him. Silvester wasn’t going to talk to any of them. Not anymore. Not forever. That would be it.
Of course, there was still the pressing problem of his magic. But it should fade away naturally over time. And he didn’t want to use it anyway.
It was time to forget it all. Every single part of it.
“Silvester?” said Akeno’s voice, and Silvester snapped straight back into consciousness. Akeno had an ability to do that. Make his older brother drop back to reality with just his voice. It irritated Silvester to no end, especially when he was daydreaming… and, anyway, Akeno was annoying too. Although adorable.
“What?” he snapped. Akeno looked hurt.
“Just wanted to tell you that our parents are panicking over you, but if you’re so snappy, I won’t bother.” Akeno walked back up the stairs.
Silvester kicked off his shoes and hurried after his little brother. “Akeno! Sorry, okay? I’m not in the best of moods — I was kind of arguing with someone.”
“With who, Silvester?” asked Akeno. “That’s exactly the problem. Who are you dating?”
“What?” shouted Silvester, shocked.
“Well,” said Akeno patiently, “Aren’t you dating someone? We all assumed you were.”
Silvester could only stare at Akeno, at first in shock, and then in surprise. He realised what Akeno was referring to. Over the past week, he had vaguely explained his daily disappearances, telling his concerned mother that he was simply taking extra summer classes. It would be completely typical of his oversensitive mother and calculating brother to determine that he was actually going out on a date.
“Akeno, I’m not dating,” he said calmly.
“Your bedroom says different. What’s with all the… protection material?”
Silvester brushed his brother aside hurriedly and sped into his room, throwing the door open. And saw the open packet lying on his bed.
“Ichiro Takagi! I am fucking going to kill you!”