Anime, Lawrence, and Impending Deaths.

by adrian.dakota

Heyy! I got a new Mac, so I’ve been spending the past time converting over and thus so forward. It’s tiring, but hey, it’s a new computer! :D:D
This is also the first story I’ve written on a Mac. How awesome is that?
Anyway, it’s just a big mashup of characters from a bunch of different places that need to do one thing. Nothing really happens, since I was more like testing out Word, but still, it’s a nice story. It gets mentions of awesome characters, come on!
The following piece of fiction contains characters that were not created by me, and are still copyrighted by their respective owners. Please don’t go around telling me they’re not my characters, because I already know that – or worse, go around borrowing these characters and saying they’re from me when they’re obviously not mine.

“Lawrence. We have no choice.”
Lawrence sighed and looked up into Evan’s concerned black eyes. “I suppose you’re right. Let’s do it.”
Lawrence took a deep breath and depressed the green button before him. The computer whirred to life.
“This is the dimensional interface system,” said the computer’s female voice coolly. “Please state the personal name and dimensional name of the persons you are trying to contact.”
Lawrence glanced at Ethan, who nodded. He spoke in a low, calm voice that completely crashed with his turbulent feelings.
“Silvester Taylor Wilson, Dactolen. Ichiro Takagi, Dactolen. Akeno Taylor, Dactolen.” Pictures of the names that Lawrence was voicing revolved onto the massive screen set into the wall. “Nomis Wade, Words. Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto. Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto. Light Ryuzaki, Death Note. L Lawliet, Death Note. Tsunayoushi Sawada, Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Natsu Dragneel, Fairy Tail. Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach. Lawrence Matthews, Lawrence’s. Evan Wright, Lawrence’s. Ethan Wright, Lawrence’s. Clement Nevglade, Clement’s. Alex Nevada, Clement’s.”
When Lawrence had finally finished, sixteen photographs were arranged on the screen. The display blinked and then the computer’s voice rang out again.
“Sixteen contacts selected. Call commencing.”
Lawrence, Evan, and Ethan settled into their leather chairs as a traditional phone beeping noise rang out from the computer’s loud speakers. Then the call connected.
“Gentlemen,” began Lawrence heavily, “this is Lawrence Matthews of Lawrence’s. I’m afraid we need all your help.”
“What help do you need?” rang out Akeno’s voice. “You’re using a dimensional matrix to connect sixteen different people from nine worlds. This sort of technology is way beyond what I’m able to create.”
“Yeah,” said Tsuna. “Whatever he said.”
“It is because,” said Evan in a hushed voice, “our worlds are falling apart. Which is why we can call you through a dimensional matrix. Because the barriers between our communication are gone.”
A gasp rang out from the speakers as Lawrence looked at Akeno’s blinking picture. Blinking, which meant he made the sound.
“Does this mean,” said Ichiro’s voice, “that we’re all about to die?”
“More or less,” finished Lawrence, regretting it immediately. “Because our creator, too, is on the verge of death.”