The Village of Mersice

by adrian.dakota

The figure raced out of the door, alert, and entered the only road in the village — and stopped, stunned, at the sight that awaited him.

The entire village was on fire. Every single house, every hut, every roof — all alit with flame. He had seen fires before — but none on this scale. Then he realised. He realised… it could not be true. It cannot be true.

“Quinton!” he shouted, running through the road, running down the paths he knew off by heart. “Quinton!

It was too late. The entire house was on fire, the walls licked by orange flame. Panicking, he sped around the entire burning house three times, narrowly missing burning pieces of wood as they crashed down around him, and finally spotted a body lying motionless inside.

“Quinton!” he screamed.

There was no reply. The walls folded in, and he could only watch helplessly from a distance as they crushed down on the one person inside.

Stunned, shocked, Skyler Lok looked as the village of Mersice burnt to the ground.