Dramatic Recreations.

by adrian.dakota

“Ichiro, I love you. Now let’s get the heck out of this place.” — Silvester Taylor Wilson, D:STW.

“It’s not about what can happen — but whether or not you have the commitment to get to it.” — Lawrence Matthews, D:STW.
“Just because we’re twins doesn’t mean we’re the same.”  — Evan Wright, D:STW.
“You don’t have to succeed to give it your best, Silvester.” — Nathan Osbourne, D:STW.
“You’re not succeeding at passing your exam. You’re only passing at succeeding in what you do.” — Rufus Blake, D:STW.
“It’s not about what you know, but what you acknowledge.” — Austin Nate, D:STW.
“I can’t make a personal decision. Not when there’s so many lives at stake.” — Jerome Kuroka, D:STW.

“Guys, we’re probably not going to win this, but let’s bet our lives anyway.” — Skyler Precedent, D:STW.
“It’s a long story of how I got the name. I’d rather not talk about it.” — Nathan “Sunny” Scott, D:STW.
“I’m not sorry I’m in Heritage, I’m just sorry that you’re not my teammate.” — Lisa Kalla, D:STW.
“Make your own decisions, and everything will end up being perfectly fine. Well, at least, that’s the theory.” — Mark Cleary, D:STW.
“Everyone has troubles with their first kill. You’ll get over it, Silvester.” — Raymond Wade, D:STW.

“You really need to start looking after yourself. Much as I love you, I can’t always be there, you know?” — Ichiro Takagi, D:STW.
“Oh, gods, what have you two done now?” — Ernest Young, D:STW.
“Of course you were fantasising about me. Everyone fantasises about a cute, adorable, sweet and sexy thirteen year old.” — Felix Precedent, D:STW.
“So… would you like to tell me what you and Ichiro were doing in the hostel down the road?” — Alexander “Alex” Ward, D:STW.
“You know what? Just because you like guys doesn’t mean you understand a girl!” — Irene Everglade, D:STW.

“I’m sorry about your loss. Did you bring the mission reports I asked for?” — Reneda Linte, D:STW.
“Just because I’m a cute girl doesn’t mean you have to keep staring at me.” — Audrey Lake, D:STW.
“Can we put the mission off till later? I’m eating cake!” — Carolina Costa, D:STW.
“What makes a girl deadly is her inability to express her emotions.” — Jennifer “Jenny” Queens, D:STW.

“Technical Support isn’t about just the computers. When you’re out there, we’re the only people you can talk to.” — Ethan Wright, D:STW.
“Hey, Silvester, when are you and Ichiro getting married? When should I tell Dad and Mum?” — Akeno Taylor, D:STW.
“I refuse to give up. The computer hasn’t shut down yet, so neither will I.” — Tyrone Black, D:STW.
“I’m short and I admit that, kay?” — Kyle Nate, D:STW.
“I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about, but it sounds good.” — Stephen Carl, D:STW.
“Akeno! Which one of the alarms did you trip this time? With my ball, too?” — Julian Kuroka, D:STW.

I tried to write one phrase that I think each character would say in their most dramatic situation, normally with Silvester. This is what I ended up with. I haven’t written the antagonists’ side yet, cause I’m still finalising the characters. This is just Dactolen.

Some of them don’t make sense, but only because the rest of the plot hasn’t been expressed. I really like some of them… others show that I don’t have enough experience with that character. Anything, this has been a good exercise for me.

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