Special Enforcement Division, InterPlanetary Safety and Security.

by adrian.dakota

I should be writing up my Chinese essay. Instead, I’m writing on Lawrence instead.

Must. Do. Homework.

This is how Lawrence should have existed, as part of the InterPlanetary Safety and Security Bureau. Gods, how much I love that group.


I looked up from my notes, distracting myself from revision momentarily. It took me a while longer to realise who was speaking — but then again, Lawrence hadn’t come around long enough for me to get used to his voice yet.

“Oh, hey, Lawrence.”

His face was as blank as ever; a solemn existence that was only to be. I wondered again if he ever smiled. He probably did, but not in front of anyone. The secrets I had uncovered about his past were a bit too much for most people to bear.

“I want to talk to you,” he said flatly.

“Help me with my Biology exam and I’ll talk about anything you want,” I said, stressed. The exam didn’t count for anything, considering that I was dropping Biology, but I still wanted the grades. Besides, it wouldn’t do much good to make my Bio teacher disappointed, especially since word had got out he would be switching to Physics.

Then, suddenly —

“You’ve been rooting about in the record files, haven’t you?” said Lawrence bluntly.

I shouted, startled, and stared into Lawrence’s unrevealing brown eyes. How did he…?

“Agent Lawrence Matthews of the Special Enforcement Division, InterPlanetary Safety and Security. Judas Evan, you are suspected of unauthorised access into protected galactic documents and illegal use of a Universal Galactic Device. Under the laws put forth by the Interplanetary Peace Convention, you have the right to request translocation to a Peace Convention-ratified planet, pending your trial. Do you understand?”

I had to answer. I had no choice.

“Lawrence, who are you?”

“Knew you wouldn’t know that. Now, do you understand?”