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Anime, Lawrence, and Impending Deaths.

Heyy! I got a new Mac, so I’ve been spending the past time converting over and thus so forward. It’s tiring, but hey, it’s a new computer! :D:D
This is also the first story I’ve written on a Mac. How awesome is that?
Anyway, it’s just a big mashup of characters from a bunch of different places that need to do one thing. Nothing really happens, since I was more like testing out Word, but still, it’s a nice story. It gets mentions of awesome characters, come on!
The following piece of fiction contains characters that were not created by me, and are still copyrighted by their respective owners. Please don’t go around telling me they’re not my characters, because I already know that – or worse, go around borrowing these characters and saying they’re from me when they’re obviously not mine.
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Naruto Ending #2

Because I’m scared that Kishimoto is going to write a different ending than the one I have in mind, I’ve posted my version of how Naruto should end here to comfort myself.

Disclaimer: None of the characters are owned by me. Unfortunately. Naruto, and all characters thereof, belong and remain the copyright of Masashi Kishimoto.

Warnings: Narusasu, and that’s about it. Tsunade is pretty cool in here, but she doesn’t really do anything. Unbeta’d, and I didn’t even go over it to correct tense or anything. Please excuse that.


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The bit I said might not be coming (Naruto Fanfic)

I know I said something about there not being a continuation, but there is, so deal with it.

This is more like the bit I didn’t write rather than something that’s going to develop further.

Part One

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First Naruto Fanfic ever.

I swear that I should so not be doing this. But I ended up writing this anyway, and I love the way it turned out.

I don’t know if this is just going to end here, or if it might contiune… should be either way.

I’ve been reading Naruto over the past 6 days, which is why I didn’t post anything for ages.. and then I wrote this.

Next manga: Death Note.

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