Anime, Lawrence, and Impending Deaths.

Heyy! I got a new Mac, so I’ve been spending the past time converting over and thus so forward. It’s tiring, but hey, it’s a new computer! :D:D
This is also the first story I’ve written on a Mac. How awesome is that?
Anyway, it’s just a big mashup of characters from a bunch of different places that need to do one thing. Nothing really happens, since I was more like testing out Word, but still, it’s a nice story. It gets mentions of awesome characters, come on!
The following piece of fiction contains characters that were not created by me, and are still copyrighted by their respective owners. Please don’t go around telling me they’re not my characters, because I already know that – or worse, go around borrowing these characters and saying they’re from me when they’re obviously not mine.
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