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Special Enforcement Division, InterPlanetary Safety and Security.

I should be writing up my Chinese essay. Instead, I’m writing on Lawrence instead.

Must. Do. Homework.

This is how Lawrence should have existed, as part of the InterPlanetary Safety and Security Bureau. Gods, how much I love that group.

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Anime, Lawrence, and Impending Deaths.

Heyy! I got a new Mac, so I’ve been spending the past time converting over and thus so forward. It’s tiring, but hey, it’s a new computer! :D:D
This is also the first story I’ve written on a Mac. How awesome is that?
Anyway, it’s just a big mashup of characters from a bunch of different places that need to do one thing. Nothing really happens, since I was more like testing out Word, but still, it’s a nice story. It gets mentions of awesome characters, come on!
The following piece of fiction contains characters that were not created by me, and are still copyrighted by their respective owners. Please don’t go around telling me they’re not my characters, because I already know that – or worse, go around borrowing these characters and saying they’re from me when they’re obviously not mine.
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I lied about ending Lawrence’s. I had time in school today, and it went something like – oh, look, time, let’s write, what to write, oh, i know, Lawrence’s!

So yeah. That’s how it went. And I wrote this. It’s pretty good. I’ve always wanted Lawrence to change and show his dark personality. He’d been too nice. Time for some evilness.

There’s some blood and an implied character death in this bit, but nothing really too disgusting or anything. Rated T+.


Part Eleven

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The End.

I know this finished a bit prematurely, but I can’t sustain Lawrence’s for any longer as I have Script Frenzy, I have Clement’s, I have Words and I have other stuff to do.

If I can, I’ll get back to Lawrence’s. But for now, this is the end of the entire free series. Sorry about that, everyone!

14260 words! I’m proud of myself.

Part Ten

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Lawrence Matthews

This doesn’t seem to have an end. At least, not any time soon.

Part Nine

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Instinct or experience?

Part Eight

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The Academy

I know it’s getting to a confusing point, but the plot is exciting and AWESOME and everything.

Part Seven

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Decisive Action

There. More. Be happy that some of it turned up, I suffered a computer crash halfway and feared for a moment that everything might be lost.

Thankfully, it wasn’t.

On a side note, the Lawrence Series is now running side by side with at least one other series, so I’m going to put in on another indefinite hold until the Words Series gets fixed up.

Part Six
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The Broken Promises

Yes, I didn’t write another Lawrence Series for ages… (I renamed it, by the way, so get used to the new name)… so I decided to post up the bit I wrote after the last post, but I didn’t get around to releasing.

Part Five

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This needs a adult content notice, and that’s only because it kinda builds up to a point where everything comes crashing down… although I won’t spoil any more of the plot!

Part Four

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