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If you want…

This is not important at all to the Nine Series, and thus doesn’t have any links to the previous parts.

Okay, I was lazy. Whatever.
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Military Uniform

I have to say this because I feel obliged to warn people when an entire segment isn’t readable. For those of you that have been tracking the Nine series, you might have realised that so far there hasn’t been adult content ratings, even though I’ve been hinting so much at so much stuff.

But many of you will realise after reading this segment that the next section is going to have adult content, and will be rated as such. So yeah. An entire segment that’s unreachable to anyone under 14 or 18, depending on how much I write in.

But enjoy this first!

Part One/Part Two

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This is a bit short, but I like it. More of the "Nine" series. This one has some adult elements just slipping in, but I wrote it so it still fits into the "K+" category. Otherwise, I’m going to have to rate it Adult Content. 


Part One

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The first ever installement or whatever of "Nine". It’s pretty good, although quite short – because I’m losing Internet connections – but I like it, and it’s nice. Also, if anyone’s angry about the fact that the World State starts in Tokyo, Japan, I’ll just say that no offence was meant and that it was purely coincidental. I chose that city by spinning a globe and tapping my finger randomly until I ended up in Asia.

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