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The Stars: Part Two, Life Star

Part One

I felt myself spiralling into his arms. I could have stopped it — I should have — but then, a split second later, he was there, and his arms surrounded me in a tight embrace.

“No, Raymond, I’m not letting you go,” he said firmly.

I struggled gently to try to get out of his hold. “Jace… stop…”



A wave of dark energy overtook me — dark energy I had been trying to avoid for years. My muscles spasmed and my head jerked up involuntarily, my skull crashing straight into Jace’s jawbone. He let go immediately.

I moved away as quickly as I can, out of reach. Thick blood poured out of his mouth.

“Sorry,” I said, but there was no emotion in it. I couldn’t be compassionate. It wasn’t one of my emotive states. I just didn’t know how.

Jace wiped his mouth and stared at the blood idly. “It’s in your nature, isn’t it?”

I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t. How could I refute it when I was a Death Star myself? My existence brought nothing but destruction. I hated it. I hated the fact I was a Death Star. I didn’t want to be.

Why didn’t I get to choose? Father, why did you create me?

“I can’t believe you dared to hurt me,” said Jace. Was that malice in his voice? I couldn’t tell. Light malice was so much different from dark.

“I didn’t want to,” I said flatly. “I can’t help it.”

“Perhaps,” said Jace, hurt. More blood leaked out of the corner of his mouth. Angel blood. I had probably broken a couple of teeth. Jace would be fine, though. He’ll heal.

I turned away from him to get through the door.

Leave. Leave now, before you hurt him more. Before you —


I stopped, and my eyes met his for the last time. “Yes, Jace?”

“I love you.”

I smiled. Or tried to. But there was no emotion in it, only pain. Because I knew that I couldn’t return the love. It would only be corrupting love, a love that would turn him away from the Light into the Dark. An unfortunate quality of darkness.

You can blacken the light, but never brighten the dark. Why… why do I love a Life Star? Why?

The door closed, hiding Jace from view. And I sighed.

I’ll never see you again, Jace. So I wish you the best. As much as a Death Star can bring. 

I felt a slight force dragging me into the sky. Where I belonged.

I’m sorry, Jace. I’m going to have to use you again.

I closed my eyes.

And this time, I’m probably going to kill you.

The Stars: Part One, Death Star

“Raymond, I love you.”

Jace’s voice echoed in my ears. Again. And again.

No. No. It was impossible. It could not happen. A relationship between the two species was banned. Even though… even though I probably loved him, I couldn’t dare it. I wouldn’t dare it.

The consequences were too disasterous.

“Jace…” I said, wondering how I say phrase it all. “Jace… why now? Why do you tell me now?”

His black eyes disappeared behind thin eyelids for the briefest of moments. Then, when they opened again, I could see them brimming with determination.

He’s not going to back down.

“Because I only realised,” he said, his overgrown black hair tossed behind carelessly. “Only when you said you were leaving. I realised that I couldn’t survive without you.”

“You knew that I was going to leave sooner or later,” I said shortly. I tightened my hold on my bags and looked at his solemn face straight in the eye. “What made it different now that it’s actually happening?”

“I didn’t know. If I knew, I would have told you earlier.”

I laughed, and it was a high laugh, one genetically inherited from my father. I never liked to use it because of the effect it had. And when I opened my eyes again, vision blurry with tears, I could see Jace flinch. He was afraid of it. Just like anyone else would be.

Especially an agent of the light.

“Jace,” I said plainly, “you knew from the beginning who I was. You knew I was a Death Star.”

I saw him hesitate. His firm, outlined face looked crestfallen. And at that moment, I knew.

It’s time to leave. Because you don’t deserve him, Raymond. You don’t.

Perhaps. But I still wanted to.

“Raymond, I –”

“You can’t,” I said firmly and quietly. “You can’t.”

And, against every single cell in my body, I turned and walked past him for the door.


A hand grabbed hold of my arm and pulled me back.

A/N: Expect Part Two soon! (But not so soon. I’ll be in Singapore and won’t be able to write for a while.)

Part Two