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Hi there! I’m still undergoing the process of moving from another blog service to here, meaning that most of the links provided on this blog are still defunct and need updating. It’s great to have you here, but I’m afraid that I still need to go through and update the post links so they don’t go into the depths of space!

I’m one person updating 99 posts, and it’s a really tiring job. :(.

Great to see you, and do enjoy your time here!


Special Enforcement Division, InterPlanetary Safety and Security.

I should be writing up my Chinese essay. Instead, I’m writing on Lawrence instead.

Must. Do. Homework.

This is how Lawrence should have existed, as part of the InterPlanetary Safety and Security Bureau. Gods, how much I love that group.

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Dramatic Recreations.

“Ichiro, I love you. Now let’s get the heck out of this place.” — Silvester Taylor Wilson, D:STW.

Other Character Quotes.

Ernest Young.

I had never known what it had meant. Ever. — Ernest Young
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Six Hundred Years

As usual, unbetaed, unchecked. I’m sure there are errors, but it’s too late and I don’t have time to check them.

And yes, I am back.

Chapter Three

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Winners' Greetings from NaNoWriMo!

I officially announce, herein and thereof, that all stories (whatever they may be) are on a hiatus until the end of the November, subject to extension. This is because I shall fully concentrate on NaNoWriMo, and won't be writing anything else at the moment.

If I haven't been posting during November, forgive me! I'll come back sometime in December, I promise!

UPDATE (26-Nov-2011): I'm almost complete! So happy… go go go! 5k to write!

UPDATE (26-Nov-2011): I realised I had deleted stuff! =.=. Then I realised I had hit 50k! Oh, so happy, now I'm going to celebrate. Uh, the hiatus status is now revoked, but I'm still not updating until a little while later.

UPDATE (28-Nov-2011): Everything is back on hiatus for a little bit while longer, I need to revisit Skyler Lok again to remember him and also write that review for a book I've always wanted to review… more details soon!

Skyler Magic

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Chikara and Shirasu

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